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Now you can bring Princess Prep School and Warrior Prince Academy to your area!

The “Princess with a Purpose” curriculum and “Warrior Prince for God” curriculum include lessons, animated stories, crafts, and music and movement that can be used as a one-week outreach or a ten-week Bible study program.  This curriculum fits the resources of any size church, home, or school group—perfect for Sunday school, VBS, or at-home fun with the neighbor kids 3 to 8 years old. This curriculum has everything a group needs to run their own Princess Prep School and Warrior Prince Academy.

Harvest House Publishers – Curriculum Kits

It all began with Kelly Chapman’s daughter, Kendall, then four years old, asked, “Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a princess. Where do I go to be one? Do I go to Mickey Land?” Those words sparked a passion in Kelly’s heart, and she founded Royal Purpose Ministries. Through the Princess Prep School, little girls discover that as daughters of the King, they truly are God’s princesses. And the Warrior Prince Academy helps boys to see that they can be strong in the Lord and in God’s mighty power. Designed for children ages 3-8.

  • Director’s Guide:

    The Director’s Guide contains everything you need to administer the program, recruit and train leaders, and inform the community of your upcoming event. This comprehensive guide outlines how to run the curriculum as a 5-day VBS or a 10-week Sunday school program. Information is provided for your music, drama, snack and craft leaders, along with clip art and other resources to make the program easy and enjoyable.

  • Leader’s Guide:

    The reproducible Leader’s Guide is written in a way that will allow both new and experienced Sunday school teachers and volunteers to confidently lead a group. Leaders will benefit from the Guide’s detailed and easy-to-understand lesson plans and instructions for crafts and games.

  • Activity Book:

    The activity book is designed to reinforce each lesson and includes terrific crossword puzzles, coloring pages, and activities to enhance each lesson.

    Sold separately.

  • DVD Video:

    Warrior Prince DVD: Five 30-minute lessons, an introduction from Sir Ryan, an animated story, royal circle time with Word Warrior, and many more surprises to keep young warriors engaged.

    Princess DVD: Five 30-minute lessons, with an introduction from Princess Kelly, an animated story, royal circle time with Glitter Girl, and other surprises to delight your little princesses.

    Sold Separately.

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