• “I highly recommend Princess Prep School. Your daughter will love it! They will learn so much in their age group about Jesus Christ.” — Mary Lou Retton, 1984 Olympic Gymnastic Gold Medalist
  • “Royal Purpose Ministries have come into our church and given us an incredible privilege to partner with them to see young children come to a realization that Jesus loves them.” — Steve Seelig, Children’s Minister Director, Second Baptist Church Houston
  • “Prestonwood has had the unique privilege of hosting Princess Prep School and Warrior Prince Academy by Kelly Chapman. It is a great creative colorful camp and Kelly and her team are absolutely terrific to work with…She has costumes, props, curriculum, everything to make this camp very significant in the life of a child. Your child will not only have a wonderful time but will learn Truths about God’s Word and how to apply them to their life.” — Sondra Saunders, Senior Preschool and Children’s Minister, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, Texas.
  • “Warrior Prince Academy does a tremendous job of laying a foundation in young boys that will prepare them for finding their identity in Jesus Christ. I fully endorse Warrior Prince Academy and I think it can be instrumental in starting the boys in the right direction.” — Lance Berkman, St. Louis Cardinals, First Baseman
  • Princess Prep School and Warrior Prince Academy came to our church for the first time in the summer of 2009 and WOW! When they packed up and left that Friday afternoon we were all left standing there saying, “WOW”! God used them in a mighty way to speak into the hearts and lives of these kids using the very things that they related to the best – princesses and warriors. My daughter and I sat up several nights talking about what it meant to be a part of God’s royal family after her experience and not too long after that she became a Christ follower! God is doing great things through this ministry and we are honored to be a small part. Thanks! — Amy Fenton, TPC Kids Minister
  • I am still basking in the sweetness of the Princess with a Purpose Prep School graduation. The whole program just thrilled my heart. The outward “stuff” like the beautiful sets, the awesome crafts, the sweet team of people were wonderful. But, the deeper issue here is affecting little girls’ hearts for the rest of their life and eternity. I want to encourage you to know that you truly are laying up treasure in heaven. — Kerri Graham, mother of 2 daughters.
  • My daughter attended Princess with a Purpose Prep School last summer and is a changed little girl. She prays differently, speaks to the Lord by calling Him “Daddy”, recites the verses and weekly wears her servants apron as she serves. It has been a complete joy for us to see her enthusiasm and understanding of her true purpose given by our precious Lord. Thank you for the spring board you gave us to teach her about her true purpose in the Lord. I know it must keep you going when you know you are making a difference. — Jill Fisk, mother of 1 daughter.
  • Being a daughter of the King makes a true princess, and being a princess of the Lord is better than having a beautiful voice like cartoon princesses or being the fairest of them all. Beauty may only last for a short while, but being a daughter of the Lord lasts for eternity! All of the princesses living on earth should start their royal job by showing other girls what it really means to be a princess! We need to start practicing this because we will soon be living in eternity in the castle Jesus has been preparing for us! — Journal entry by Elizabeth, age 8, after reading Princess with a Purpose.
  • My five year old daughter attended Princess with a Purpose last summer and we have so seen so much spiritual growth in her since that one week. Unfortunately, we have found nothing in our area (and I am a native North Carolinian) that even touches your ministry for little girls. I so wish we were still in Texas for the mere reason she could attend again, and in another year, my 3 year old, Ragan, could go as she has lived it vicariously through her older sister! She still raves about the lessons and the puppet shows. We have the t-shirts, book, and CD and I assure you it is almost worn out as we all know the songs by heart! — Shannon Ball, mother of 2 daughters.