MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT – HCCSA to be the last camp directly managed by RPM

First Princess Prep School 2005
First Princess Prep School

I have a picture in my hallway of our very first “Princess Prep School”.  The year was 2004, and my daughter, Kendall, was five years old.  Though a lot has changed since then, it seems like only yesterday when I’d hide behind a table to perform the puppet shows.  I’ll never forget the look on the girls’ faces after each performance.  Their mouths and eyes wide open from watching me perform the show with ten puppets and only two hands.  I’m sure I confused them when I’d accidently use Princess Lily’s voice for Constant’s, the talking donkey.   What amazed me the most was that the girls would come back week after week.  It’s safe to say it wasn’t because of my puppet skills.  Most likely, it was to hear what God’s Word had to say about their royal identity in Christ.

Looking back over the years I’m amazed how the Lord has grown the ministry from a tabletop puppet show to hosting camps at some of the largest churches in America. We then went on to partner with Harvest House Publishers to produce DVDs for the “Princess Prep School” and “Warrior Prince Academy” curriculum.

All this happened in what seems like just a blink of an eye.  Time sure flies by, as does the time we have with our children which is the reason I’m writing this today.

On Kendall’s 14th birthday, we discovered a dove’s nest.  We were setting our backyard table for her party when we looked up and discovered that a momma dove had made a nest for her two babies on a ceiling fan blade.  They were the fuzziest little doves you’d ever seen.  No more than a week later they had changed into miniature toddler doves.  We’re expecting them to fly the coop any day now.  Watching these doves grow up so fast has reminded me that my babies are too.

There’s an old saying about raising kids, “The days are long, but the years are short.”  This is so true!  Today my kids are 14 and 11, and that leaves only five more summers with Kendall before she flies from the nest (sniff).  I’m looking forward to these precious few summers with my family, but in order to focus on my family, I’m going to have to redirect the ministry.  The Lord has been preparing my heart for these changes for some time now because He knows I’m not big on change.  However, the more I’ve prayed through them, the more excited I’ve become because through these changes we will prayerfully be able to reach more people.  So here it goes…

This will be the last summer that Royal Purpose Ministries directly manages Princess Prep School and Warrior Prince Academy. However, we have the princess and warrior prince curriculum available for churches, home school groups, and neighborhood Bible studies.  Our DVD curriculum can be used as either a 5 day or 10 week Bible study.  We’re excited to say that for the past two years we’ve had churches around the country hosting our camps utilizing the published curriculum.  So please share your enthusiasm for our ministry with your home church, preschool, school, and/or home school.

Be assured that Royal Purpose Ministries is still here with the same message, only now with a new delivery.  We hope to reach more people about their royal identity in Christ through our upcoming books and blog entries about mothering, raising Kingdom kids, recipes, fun facts, and stories about the daily  ‘real’ life of a princess.  You’ll even get to hear from Glitter Girl and Sir Ryan, not to mention some fun guest writers.  So please keep in touch, and pass us on to your friends.

We’re excited for this new season in our ministry and pray you will join us on our new adventure.

Royally yours & His,